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WELCOME to my little niche of the internet. This is a welcome note to us all and to elucidate what my site is all about.

While growing up, I always love to see people happy on their special days, events, works and findings, in the view of the above, spurred the birth of chasdesk.com.

My goals are to tell and recreate interesting memories, to tell the world about your works, happy moments and also, to let the world know what you, business and organisation have to offer or stand for through chasdesk.com

The five segments of chasdesk.com are:

1.ChasDesk Interview: In this section, we will be engaging in exclusive interviews about interested personalities and organisations,talking about what they do or offer to the society.

2. ChasDesk Special Day and Event: Here we will feature memorable days and events like birthdays, weddings, child naming ceremonies, engagements, anniversaries, farewell, parties and any other merry -gatherings, will be seen here. Let’s keep it on, link us to share some of your aforementioned events or send wishes to your love ones on their memorable days.

3.ChasDesk Upcoming Event: In this segment, business organisations, churches, individuals, NGOs and government agency that wish to publicise its upcoming events and announcements will be seen here.

4.ChasDesk Guest Book: To whet interest of our readers and guest participation. The guest will not be left out. These crop of category will talk about them, their views on the events and message to the hosts.

5.ChasDesk Splash: This will cover any hobby, tour, merry-gathering or fun that people engage in ( individual or in group) will be anchored here.

chasdesk.com is very open, free and ready to attend to you. Here, you are always welcome because we can only blossom together.

If  you have need for a request for a post, please don’t hesitate to   contact us through the following links ~

Email: charitychalicedesk@gmail.com

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Phone line📞: +2348077044529

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ChasDesk………live your life, tell your story