Kayaking is a fun activity that involves moving through water in a small water vessel known as Kayak, with the use of a double bladed paddle moving alternately side-to-side.

Sitting “face-forward” position on the Kayak which was first built and used by Inuits in North America, the paddler maneuver through the waterways. You can paddle your Kayak on oceans, rivers, lakes and any water bodies.

People that engage in this form of outdoor experience, do it as an adventure, sport or sea tour, depending on motivation.

Undoubtedly, kayaking can improve ones aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility with low or high impact, all depending on time or duration attained. Specifically, it can improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength particularly at the back, arms and chest region, from moving the paddle.

It is a great recreational activity for enthusiasts of all levels with some life lessons.

A young, beautiful lady shares her life lessons from interesting adventure of Kayaking.

“I like events that gives me the opportunity to have stronger bond with people around me, because it always makes me to learn new things, know my love ones more and understand them better.
It was a very beautiful day, I and my family decided to have fun together, so we went Kayaking.

After putting on our life jackets, we were required to sit on the narrow watercraft. I was scared of the water but I muttered courage, following my elder brother who took the lead and also had my younger ones who I have to encourage too. So, I tried to give them morale to enjoy the great fun. I and my elder brother rolled simultaneously to achieve a given direction. It wasn’t same for my cousins with their peddle boat ride. They kept on creating different motions that disrupted the smooth movement of their boat, but immediately they learnt the rudiments and silenced their fears,they got unity and agreed among themselves as a team. They succeeded to move in a steady and clear direction.

This wonderful and interesting adventure taught me that unity can’t be overrated, yeah! even in water adventure, being brave and agreeing with your partner is essential. More so, obedience, unity, and team’s work is needed in every spot. So, you just have to corporate, succeed and have fun.

It was a wrap for us in the evening, and we happily set home sharing our experiences inside the car. It’s was a journey I will love to embark on, over and over again”