ANAMBRA is one of the south east states. In 1976, Old Anambra State was created from part of East Central State, an capital was Enugu, while in August 27th, 1991, Anambra was divided into two states, Anambra and Enugu.

The capital of Anambra is Awka and there are 21 local government areas in Anambra. The state’s theme is ” Light of the nation”.

With all our hearts
We pray and ask
God bless Anambra
God bless the shining light that we bear
We are the only ones to make Anambra shine
With our sweat and blood,
Every breath of our lives
With trust in God
We would lift our home land high we believe in togetherness
We’ll build a land of progress
Lift the spirit of Anambra
Lift the spirit of Anambra
Lift the spirit of Anambra, State we Love.

I always have a wonderful dream about Anambra state. That was why I was the secretary General of Anambra State Movement that fought for the creation of the state. Anambra people are hardworking, very focused and don’t give up. I wish Anambra people and our hardworking governor, Dr. Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano many happy returns for Anambra State”

~ Dr. Tim Menakaya